Sources, pronouns, possessive

Relative pronouns, tenses


More indicators

Seconds, Latin and Greek


Latin and Greek examples

More Latin and Greek examples

10/14/14  Here is the power point I’m working on for my 10/25 presentation at the NE branch of the Seattle library.  Maybe it provides a better view of the basics than the above.





2 Responses to Basics

  1. Muhammad says:

    How many ideograms do you need for construction or free writing? I would like to know them.


    • ErnieM says:

      For writing in my diary I don’t need very many, since I tend to just use my personal vocabulary. I have ids for 6000 or so words in my “dictionary” but probably not more than 2 thousand or so separate original ids, which are pretty easy to remember because I’ve designed them to be. “Etymids”–ids that illustrate Latin and Greek roots–work well for English and cover a lot of words. You can order a copy of my dictionary.


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