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THE FIELD transcription

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Shelter From the Storm–Bob Dylan

I’m not actually a fan of Bob Dylan or these lyrics but I transcribed the following for a “student” who wrote it out in ids using an old version of my id resource book. It was a fun exercise–for me working with ids is always rewarding.

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Grow as an animid, silent, quiet, loud

Some ideas are expressed more effectively as animids–ideograms that are animated.

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 ideogram for flagrant
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Occult Sigils

Someone on twitter suggested I look into “occult sigils,” so I looked at the wikipedia article. Now, in general I follow Korzybsky’s idea that meaning comes down to structure, and aim at structural congruence to reality in my “ids” and avoid the arbitrary, tho I haven’t found it possible to stick to that strictly: structural words especially, like “what” and “thing,” require some artistic postulation and arbitrariness. I like to keep my whole system open-endedly creative, each word/idea being a puzzle in how to represent it graphically and there never being final solutions. I have gut dissatisfactions with some of them, like a delta for “change,” but haven’t found simple satisfactory replacements. So, the “sigils” in the article look generally arbitrary–having no structural congruence with reality–so I reject them. As for the general idea of “occult,” I reject that, too. I do, however, keep an open mind to the possibility that there are “morphic fields” (as described by Rupert Sheldrake) for ideograms. If the universe is teeming with intelligent life (it is) and ideograms are a main means of ideation/communication therein (they are), then there should be morphic fields that would be part of a cosmic noosphere and could perchance be tapped into. I relate this to remote viewer Ingo Swann’s contention that telepathy is not simple mind-to-mind communication but a matter of both parties tapping into the same repository. Someone asked me if I felt I had “channeled” my ids from somewhere, and I answered no, that I felt I had just created them myself. But then, when I strive creatively, asking how in the world am I going to represent some idea, I reach out to somewhere, and, who knows, may have drawn on some sources that border on the “occult”. Mainly I draw, artistically, on my own subconscious. When I hit on a good id solution, I feel as if something “magically” clicks and fits.

I did see two statements in the wiki article that commanded my attention and respect:

“so the sigils were no longer for controlling traditional demons, angels and what-have-you, but instead for controlling forces in the unconscious psyche of the individual operator” and “The chaos magician then uses the gnostic state to “launch” or “charge” the sigil – essentially bypassing the conscious mind to implant the desire in the unconscious.”

Since the most important words and ideas are those with which we modulate our thinking/feeling/knowing/understanding/doing activities, ideograms for these are most important and have the most effect. Because I have powerful, effective ideograms for many such key terms, I am much the better person. So ideograms can be, as said, “for controlling forces in the unconscious psyche.” They offer a way to reach down into and control and form the subconscious, enriching it. They offer a different means of relating communicationally not only to others but also to yourself.

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Yesterday I came across this account by Deep Prasad of an apparent alien encounter:

“These entities projected hundreds/thousands of sentences and paragraphs in a language that looked like a marriage of Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphics. I was terrified that I could barely move and was in complete disbelief at what was happening. I’d go back and forth between, convincing myself that I was having some sort of seizure or had fallen unconscious and that there was no way this was happening, to downright fear realizing that it all felt more real than reality.” “hieroglyphs, deep red/burgundy, would flip from bottom to top to change to next sentence,” “golden symbol, dynamically rotating,” “3-d holograms of hieroglyphs,”

Several things struck me.

This is the first time I’ve read anything that points in the same direction as my idea, that I got probably 50 years ago, that graphic symbols–models of abstractions–are the way to go for mental advancement; and not just 2-d, but 3-d, and animated–with the parts moving in relation to one another, perhaps with added sensory modalities color, texture, sound, etc. I don’t recall where I got such ideas, perhaps under the influence of reading Alfred Korzybsky.

Alleged alien encounters often include accounts of hieroglyph-like characters, as at Roswell. Timothy Leary said language of the future will be icons. I think so. They are more powerful, versatile, expressive, retentive.

Prasad describes something like a stream of ideograms being presented to him.

I have had similar experiences. A number of times after steeping myself in my “ids” and then half waking up from sleep I would see through partly opened eyes a great column of ideograms flowing from bottom to top. I guess I was seeing my subconscious at work. I am convinced that ideograms provide a doorway to the subconscious, a way to reach down into it and form and improve it.

“Cognitive scientist” Mark Johnson, in his book The Mind in the Body, speaks of “image schemas” as means of conceptualization and categorization. An “image schema” sounds like a rudimentary ideogram to me. I believe that such “image schemas” are a primary means through which we represent things to ourselves and understand. I further believe that by creating and using ideograms for ideas we can actively add to our subconscious store of images, so it is a means of transforming and enriching our minds.

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As usual, I will provide detailed notes on the ids in the above to anyone who wants to write to me and ask.

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Animated ideograms (animids): improve, each

animated ideograms for improve, each
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First page of L’etranger

It was easy to transcribe this French into ids, and fun because some adjustments and a little creativity were required for French meanings. I’m not really competent to make some of the judgements involved, since I don’t know french well at all. My aim is just to show that ids for French is easily doable.

As I often do, I’ll say that I’ll provide detailed notes for anyone interested–just write to me. If no one is interested it makes no sense for me to spend the time and effort.

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I’m concentrating on french some, since I’ll be going to France soon and want to have some content here for French people. In addition to this post, I’ll start a french page above.

some ideograms for french
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“Intelligent,” “Pin Kara, Giri Made”

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A quote from Shankara’s Crest Jewel of Discrimination. Someone asked me once if I could make ideograms for abstract ideas. I thought it was a funny question. Is the pope catholic? Yes, I represent abstract ideas with these visual concepts better than can be done with ordinary linguistic conceptualization.

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I’ll be going to France in April and hope to be able give some id presentations there. So, I’ve been working on French for use in my trip, and have made quite a few new ids in the process. I have also used ids to help remember vocabulary, for example combining “eye” with “arm” to remember the fr. “larme”–a tear. I don’t plan to put any time or effort into making ids for fr. myself, but show with the below that it is doable. It’s something that should be left to actual fr. speakers. I would love to consult with and help anyone who might be interested in giving it a try.

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Ancient and the opposite, ideas and possibilities

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ideogram diary

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the significance of ideograms

Ideograms offer a means to wake up semantically. By “ideograms” I mean here of course rational ideograms that make sense — that are well connected to reality and accurately representative of semantic experience and creative activity, thereby catalyzing understanding and the production of new better ideas.

Ideograms, as an effective means of confronting ideas, offer the perspective and means of purchase (traction) necessary to make progress at improving language.

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Putin remarks re dollar

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