1/5/18 transcription

The part underlined in red says, “I should thank J. for giving me the book.  But probably will not.  It would be too uncomfortable to talk to him again.  We have too big differences. He is way too conventional for me. Yet, he is quite a scholar, which is admirable.

Surely you will consider such a hand is of little use.  Now look closely at the functions of your mind/brain.  Can you affirm with utter certainty that you always think only when and about what you really want to, and that therefore you know from where your thoughts and feelings come into the light of your consciousness?”

The ids are rather compact, aren’t they.   I often think of Christophe’s question in our interview, ” And can you represent abstract concepts with your script? And how I can–that’s most of the fun and beauty of it!

I am getting rather good and fast at writing in ids-only checked my dictionary a couple of times writing this page.

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