CRISIS with danger and opportunity

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2 Responses to CRISIS with danger and opportunity

  1. austin_ep says:

    Always a treat to pop back on here and see the newest evolutions of this ever impressive endevour of yours!

    The breakdown and revisions of the ids have me amazed at the amount of work and development that has gone into this. Sometimes rather than look at them from the linguistic standpoint I see them as akin to ‘augenmusik’ where I want to observe them for their pictoral value. They have such a beauty to them in their small cell nature.

    Curious, have you ever looked into or experimented with alternative scripts such as the elian script?




    • ErnieM says:

      Thanks for your positive feedback, Austin–I don’t get much! I checked out elian script and don’t like it. If I were to use a phonetic script, I think I’d like to make up my own based on correspondence between shapes and sounds, with sharp shapes for sharp hard consonants, rounded shapes for vowels, smooth curves for liquids, etc. But that doesn’t interest me much. “Augenmusik” is a nice term and fits what I’ve done somewhat. I think the juxtaposed semantic elements can create special “semantic light” and convey spirit. Anyway, I personally am continually delighted by them.


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