Occult Sigils

Someone on twitter suggested I look into “occult sigils,” so I looked at the wikipedia article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigil Now, in general I follow Korzybsky’s idea that meaning comes down to structure, and aim at structural congruence to reality in my “ids” and avoid the arbitrary, tho I haven’t found it possible to stick to that strictly: structural words especially, like “what” and “thing,” require some artistic postulation and arbitrariness. I like to keep my whole system open-endedly creative, each word/idea being a puzzle in how to represent it graphically and there never being final solutions. I have gut dissatisfactions with some of them, like a delta for “change,” but haven’t found simple satisfactory replacements. So, the “sigils” in the article look generally arbitrary–having no structural congruence with reality–so I reject them. As for the general idea of “occult,” I reject that, too. I do, however, keep an open mind to the possibility that there are “morphic fields” (as described by Rupert Sheldrake) for ideograms. If the universe is teeming with intelligent life (it is) and ideograms are a main means of ideation/communication therein (they are), then there should be morphic fields that would be part of a cosmic noosphere and could perchance be tapped into. I relate this to remote viewer Ingo Swann’s contention that telepathy is not simple mind-to-mind communication but a matter of both parties tapping into the same repository. Someone asked me if I felt I had “channeled” my ids from somewhere, and I answered no, that I felt I had just created them myself. But then, when I strive creatively, asking how in the world am I going to represent some idea, I reach out to somewhere, and, who knows, may have drawn on some sources that border on the “occult”. Mainly I draw, artistically, on my own subconscious. When I hit on a good id solution, I feel as if something “magically” clicks and fits.

I did see two statements in the wiki article that commanded my attention and respect:

“so the sigils were no longer for controlling traditional demons, angels and what-have-you, but instead for controlling forces in the unconscious psyche of the individual operator” and “The chaos magician then uses the gnostic state to “launch” or “charge” the sigil – essentially bypassing the conscious mind to implant the desire in the unconscious.”

Since the most important words and ideas are those with which we modulate our thinking/feeling/knowing/understanding/doing activities, ideograms for these are most important and have the most effect. Because I have powerful, effective ideograms for many such key terms, I am much the better person. So ideograms can be, as said, “for controlling forces in the unconscious psyche.” They offer a way to reach down into and control and form the subconscious, enriching it. They offer a different means of relating communicationally not only to others but also to yourself.

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