Vervaeke talk on Cognitive Science-Convergence

At minute 3 he draws ideograms for “convergence” (which he equates to “trustworthiness”) and “plausible”.  I didn’t have an ideogram for “plausible” but this will, with a little tweaking, do nicely– thank you Mr. Vernaeke. Perhaps I can use it for an improved ideogram for “science”.  I note that what he draws would not work as “converge” (nor its mirror image, “diverge”) without the assumption of movement from left to right, which I generally do with my ideograms.

Cognitive science  converges toward ideograms, to my mind. In his book The Mind in the Body, Mark Johnson mentions the importance of image schemas, which I take to be natural ideograms. I think image schemas are indeed key in the working of the subconscious mind and a means of understanding, and that by consciously working with ideograms we strengthen our connections with our subconscious minds.

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