Notes on Sadhguru advice for sleeping and waking


I took notes on this video in ids, my preferred way of writing. A few spontaneous new id creations arose, as is usually the case.  I love how ideas that have proven intractable, difficult problems to represent satisfactorily in ids are solved spontaneously, I think because my subconscious has been working on them. The subconscious does the work anyway! I often think of Mark Johnson’s contention that “image schemas” underly conceptualization and categorization.  What is an “image schema” other than a natural (proto-) ideogram?  I believe that by consciously working with ideograms one is working with one’s subconscious, improving it.  And if, as the cognitive scientists like Johnson and Lakoff say, 95% of thought is un(sub-)conscious, then improving the subconscious with conscious ideograms opens a royal road to improved mental integration and mental self-mastery.


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