“SALIENT” without the “jump”

This is an example of breaking free from Latin roots and improving a concept.


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Live near Seattle, USA. neoideograms.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to “SALIENT” without the “jump”

  1. austin_ep says:

    Hi Steve! Hope all is well and the new year is off to a good start.

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I am still interested in all that you do and I happily have caught up on some of the new postings. Seeing you parse the texts as they become more and more abstract is really neat.

    Quick question, have you done much with ids and poetry? I have a couple I would like to see you work your artistry on!




    • ErnieM says:

      Hi Austin, good to hear from you! I was just sitting at my kitchen table working away at transcribing. I’d love to work on any poetry you might show me. I think ids are especially well-suited to poetry, adding graphic artistic content and semantic content inexpressible by ordinary language.

      I should make more better posts on ids for tattoos. I transcribed some tattoo messages from a tattoo site, but they are not very good. Better would be tattoos with ideograms that are combinations that pack a lot of meaning in.
      Anyway, I’d be glad to work with you, happy to have your feedback and hopefully input.


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